Mokha (GPA) – It’s a story Geopolitics Alert seems to publish weekly: Saudi warplanes have once again targeted a home in Yemen, killing and injuring about a dozen civilians. At least 10 have been confirmed dead and two injured according to Yemeni military sources. Some sources list the number at 15. Either way, it’s an unacceptable war crime; which the United States and world powers are not only complicit in but also completely support.

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Saudi Arabia hits various areas of Yemen with anywhere from 40 to 100 airstrikes on just about a daily basis. They’ve also increased targets to new towns and provinces. Dozens of airstrikes (between 20 and 60 each day) have rained down on the central province of Marib, as Saudi forces attempt to cut off the Yemeni forces’ supply line from Sana’a. If the Saudi offensive succeeds, they will go on to launch an offensive on the capital city of Sana’a which has been under resistance control since 2014. This would be a humanitarian disaster.

By setting up checkpoints, Ansarullah has been successful keeping al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups out of territory under their control. The same cannot be said of territory under control of Saudi-backed or UAE-backed forces; where al-Qaeda militants can be seen fighting side-by-side with coalition forces.

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Taiz is also a major front in the war. Where Yemen’s resistance fighters are battling not only UAE-backed forces but also the Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately, disagreements between Saudi Arabia and the UAE could play to Ansarullah’s (Yemen’s resistance) advantage.

This also means Taiz is a major target for Saudi airstrikes. The photos below depict a home destroyed by Saudi airstrikes. Unfortunately, this is essentially a daily occurrence for Yemenis.


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