Sana’a (GPA) – Airstrikes carried out by the Saudi-led coalition have targeted a number of Yemeni provinces in the past 24 hours. Despite the air support for Saudi-backed troops, Yemeni forces saw success on the ground thwarting Saudi advances.

Saudi Arabia has carried out a number of airstrikes over the past day– and they’re still ongoing. Over 10 targeted Sana’a. Many also struck farther south in Taiz. Midi, Jouf, and Saada were also hit with a number of strikes. Saudi Arabia is also ordering airstrikes in Jizan– within their own borders– where Yemen’s Ansarullah forces have expanded their ground war in retaliation for the Saudi’s indiscriminate airstrikes which typically target civilian areas.

There is no word on civilian casualties yet. However, a child was injured by a cluster bomb remnant this morning in the province of Saada. Reports from as recently as last week indicate that the Saudi coalition is still using the internationally-banned weapons.

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The Saudis also hit reconstruction efforts on Kamaran island off the coast of Hodeidah yesterday. Just last week, warplanes struck a water desalination plant on Kamaran.

Currently, the Saudis are still striking Hodeidah and Jouf with air raids. Hodeidah is an important port city that millions of Yemenis rely on for food and medical supplies. Despite warnings from human rights organizations, the Saudis have begun carrying out a brutal air campaign throughout Hodeidah which risks putting thousands of Yemenis under siege without access to basic goods. Hodeidah is Yemen’s fourth most populated city.

In Taiz, despite airstrikes, Yemen’s Popular Forces successfully carried out an operation targeting Saudi positions. They also pushed back a Saudi-backed offensive on the ground. Dozens of mercenaries were killed and Emirati vehicles were destroyed.

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Yemeni forces also targeted Saudi-backed positions in the northern province of Jouf with rockets and other artillery. Yemen’s Popular Forces have recently expanded their ground offensive in Jouf.

The Yemeni-backed forces also saw success in Jizan where snipers targeted Saudi soldiers. Despite the airstrikes in Midi, Yemeni forces bombarded Saudi positions in the north.

The Saudis have not slowed down attacks on Yemen despite the current cholera outbreak. Over 300,000 people have been infected and nearly 2,000 have died– just since April. It cannot be stressed enough: this is a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak. Cholera is a completely preventable and treatable illness. But due to the blockade, basic goods like cleaning supplies are hard to come by, as is medicine.