Najran (GPA) – Over the weekend, the Saudi Air Force conducted a devastating raid on their own — very strategic — position along the Yemen border.

According to Yemeni military sources, the Saudi Air Force bombed and completely destroyed a National Guard headquarters in the border province of Najran. Several Saudi troops were inside at the time of the attack which also targeted a local home.

In fact, several National Guard reinforcements along with several new batches of mercenaries had just arrived to carry out a new operation against Yemen’s Army and People’s Committees.

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Sources say that this comes shortly after the Saudi National Guard had rejected Mohammed bin Salman’s directives to advance on Yemeni troops. In addition to the attack, communication networks in Najran have also been compromised.

The National Guard’s military leadership reportedly considered bin Salman’s directive to advance as a coup on their decision.

This comes just days after Saudi forces attempted a major advance to retake portions of Najran from Yemeni forces. They failed miserably when Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees repelled the attack and sent Saudi troops fleeing. Most forces operating against Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees are mercenaries rather than Saudi troops.

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This event sends a clear message to the National Guard and other factions of the Saudi military. It also displays a splintering between the Saudi royal family and military leadership as bin Salman looks to secure his grasp on power yet fears a potential coup. Despite attempts to appear cohesive, the kingdom still grapples with internal hostility after the king announced bin Salman was next in line for the crown.


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