(GPA) Yemen – A British research team based in Lebanon has accused Saudi Arabia of intentionally targeting the meager agricultural industry in Yemen.

A professor from the London School of Economics, Martha Mundy has said that in order to frequently hit the 2.8% of Yemen that is cultivated farmland; the Saudis would essentially have to be “aiming for it.”

Mundy and her research partner Cynthia Gharios have been extensively studying agricultural ministry records provided by the Yemeni government. The ministry reports include records of 357 bombing targets that include farms, livestock, food stores/trucks, agricultural banks and markets.

This is just the latest of the Saudi war crimes perpetrated during their war on Yemen. The targeting of agriculture won’t come as a shock to anyone following the conflict since essential infrastructure has been a target since day one.

The Saudis have bombed water wells, water bottling plants and an assortment of non-military related civilian businesses and factories. Also among the targets have been Yemeni hospitals; including facilities run by Doctors Without Borders. The bombing of medicine producing factories and hospitals has led directly to deaths from treatable illnesses such as cholera.

The bombing of agricultural resources is just the latest reported atrocity. This crime is especially appaling considering the levels of starvation among civilians. The UN world food programme has warned that potentially millions are on the brink of starvation.

The US has recently directly joined in the bombing of Yemen but even before this was providing the munitions used to target Yemeni civilians. These munitions included thousands of deadly cluster bombs. These weapons are illegal to use in areas populated by civilians but that hasn’t stopped Saudi Arabia from doing just that. Even the farms that aren’t destroyed could have undetonated cluster munitions in them waiting for the civilian farmers after this war.

Multiple western powers have aided the Saudis in their criminal aggression against Yemen. The U.K. Is just one example (the RAF provides training to the Saudi pilots who drop the US made bombs.) As long as the western powers continue to back Saudi Arabia, this war will continue. Citizens of western nations must make it known to their leaders that they do not approve this war or support for the House of Saud in order to help get justice for the Yemeni people.


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