Sana’a (GPA) The Saudi coalition has carried out yet another terror attack in Yemen this weekend. In the early hours of Sunday morning before the sun rose, Saudi coalition warplanes attacked a prison in Yemen, killing over 100 prisoners and guards.
  • US-backed Saudi warplanes targeted three prison facilities housing inmates captured by Ansarullah on the front lines, killing 100 and injuring at least 40.
  • Saudi Arabia destroyed the prison and its inhabitants to thwart an upcoming prisoner exchange deal with Ansarullah.
  • Yemeni leaders have called the attack “morally bankrupt,” accused Riyadh of treating Yemeni prisoners as commodities, and called for an international investigation from the UN Security Council and Human Rights Council.

Rescuers dug for over 12 hours retrieving bodies from the rubble. The International Red Cross, which frequently visits and assesses the prisoner facility, said that at least 40 of the 185 prisoners had survived and were receiving treatment at local hospitals.

In a statement, Dr. Yousef Al-Hadhri of Yemen’s Ministry of Health said that 14 air raids struck three buildings in Yemen’s Dhamar province. The three prison buildings housed 185 inmates captured as mercenaries fighting for the Saudi coalition on various fronts.

Yes, Saudi Arabia killed over 100 of their own paid fighters.

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saudi attack on Yemen prison
Some of the prison facilities destroyed by US-backed Saudi coalition warplanes housing nearly 200 inmates.

In a speech to mark the Islamic new year, leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement, Abdulmalik al-Houthi condemned the crime against prisoners calling the coalition “filled with hatred and morally bankrupt” while calling the entire situation “an absurd attack on our people.”

Al-Houthi pointed out that Saudi Arabia and the UAE treat their own mercenaries like commodities citing that after wearing out their usefulness on the battlefield, Saudi Arabia massacred them.

Sadly, the prisoners were preparing to see the light of day as part of a prisoner exchange between Ansarullah and the Saudi-led coalition.

In a statement, the chairman of Yemen’s National Committee for Prisoners, Abdel Qader Murtada, said that the Saudi coalition deliberately targeted the prisons to sabotage the prisoner exchange deal. Murtada later called on all family members of detainees to identify and collect the bodies.

Yemen’s Eye of Humanity Center for Human Rights and Development called on the UN Human Rights Council and High Commissioner to condemn and document the crimes and called on the UN Security Council to open an investigation into all crimes.

The United States provides the bulk of military weaponry and support for the Saudi-led coalition including fighter jets, refueling, precision-guided smart missiles, and ground training. American troops also provide logistical support and man command centers for identifying airstrike targets and launching attacks.

Saudi Arabia and their allies have killed or injured roughly 40,000 Yemeni civilians since beginning their aggression against the Arab republic in 2015. Over 22 million Yemenis face famine and require urgent humanitarian assistance. According to a report Geopolitics Alert received from the Republic of Yemen, the coalition continues targeting vital civilian infrastructure as well like water pumps, markets, and agricultural fields.

The UN recently cut 60 to 80 percent of its World Food Programme assistance to Yemen claiming that Ansarullah was restricting the flow of aid. However, documents show that the UN was actually sending rotten and infested food that wasn’t fit for human consumption.