Riyadh (GPA– Saudi Prince Abdulaziz criticizes Israel in response to brutal crackdowns in Jerusalem.

The public mending of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel seems to have been sidetracked in light of the recent clashes in Jerusalem. One person who probably isn’t helping is Saudi Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahd – son of the former, now deceased, Saudi King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz – who recently took to Twitter to criticize the occupation of the area around Al-Aqsa mosque.

In one tweet, the prince told his millions of Twitter followers that “Every Muslim is obliged to support our brothers in Palestine and the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque, everyone within their means. O nation of Muhammad, show them who you are. Neglecting Al-Aqsa would be a disgrace and God will hold us accountable”

Fahd also Tweeted “O nation of Muhammad and Allah, the third mosque is a prisoner of the criminal occupation, is there no wise among us? Let us go and fight, we would either be victorious and save it, or we fail but will be forgiven by our Lord.” This is strong language from a man who was, at one time, a potential heir to the country’s throne and at the same time the current King, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has been silent.

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Fahd is the son of former King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz who was succeeded by his half-brother King Salman in 2005, who then died in 2015 and saw the rise of half-brother to both previous kings, the current leader Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. In what seems like a reminder meant for his relatives currently in power, the prince also shared a video of his father in Washington speaking on the importance of the Palestinian struggle.

Image: Abdulaziz Bin Fahd/Twitter

It’s likely King Abdullah is remaining silent due to the fact that his country is currently in the midst of publicly expanding relations with Israel – much to chagrin of hard-line Islamists across the region. This is all also happening against the backdrop of the Trump regime’s renewed support for Saudi Arabia on the basis that the Gulf Kingdoms take a more active role in negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

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The Saudis may have thought they were in the clear to begin diplomatically opening up to Israel but they should have known to never count on Tel Aviv to respect the Palestinians – even if negotiations are already underway. Israel isn’t the major enemy of almost every group in the Middle East for no reason, and the Saudis probably shouldn’t throw all their weight into calling the Israelis friends just yet.


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