Sana’a (GPA) – The Saudi-led coalition against Yemen carried out yet another massacre last night when warplanes targeted a residential neighborhood with four air strikes. 38 civilians were either killed or wounded in the attack– mostly women and children.

According to YemenExtra‘s local sources, the attack targeted three buildings Sana’a’s Atan neighborhood. So far, 14 people have been killed and at least 24 more injured. The number is expected to rise as rescue teams and security staff dig through the rubble.

The martyrs included children as young as 5 and a couple just married two weeks ago.

Yemen is in a chronic state of mourning due to the Saudi-led terrorism. Last night’s massacre comes just 48 hours after another violent attack. On Wednesday, coalition planes targeted a hotel near Sana’a. Killing nearly 50 civilians and injuring almost 20 more.

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Yesterday, Yemenis filled the streets in various provinces protesting the Saudi-led war and U.S.-backed terrorism.

Ansarullah spokesman, Mohamed Abdel Salam, quickly condemned the recent attacks. He called the Saudi’s cowardly attacks an “expression of failure.” He explained that the kingdom and their allies use the United Nations as a “cover” to carry out their despicable war crimes without opposition.

Salam also stressed that Yemen’s resistance would not sit idly by as passive victims. He reiterated Ansarullah’s determination to confront the Saudis both militarily and politically until their aggression ends.

[PHOTOS] Yemen Unveils Line of Homemade Rifles With Anti-Air Capability

Yemen’s Republican Guard and Ansarullah have made significant strides in their military capability over the past year. Months ago, Yemen’s resistance announced the completion of long-range homemade ballistic missiles. Just this week, Sana’a’s Ministry of Defense military development branch revealed eight new Yemen-made sniper rifles equipped with long-range and anti-air capability.

The Saudi-led coalition against Yemen is now in its third year. Tens of thousands have died as a result of the Saudi’s indiscriminate air campaign. Countless private and public buildings including homes, schools, and farms lay in shambles.

Thousands more civilians have lost their lives due to the inhumane siege against Yemen, which severely restricts food and imports. The blockade has triggered a borderline famine and is directly responsible for Yemen’s cholera outbreak.


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