Sa’ada (GPA) – Over two dozen Yemeni civilians were killed on Sunday after Saudi Arabia– once again– targeted a market in Yemen with multiple airstrikes. Paramedics were also killed in a “double tap” strike while attempting to rescue the victims.

According to the Sa’ada Health Bureau, at least 25 people died after Saudi airstrikes targeted a market in the northwestern province of Sa’ada on Sunday. At least one person was injured. This is just a preliminary figure and the death toll is expected to rise as rescue teams search through the rubble.

As paramedics and ambulances rushed to the scene of the attack, the Saudi coalition carried out a second attack to prevent a rescue operation. At least one paramedic was killed. Further strikes also targeted a vegetable truck.

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Yemen is on the brink of famine and has a drastic shortage of medical supplies. The poorest country in the Arab world imports nearly 80 percent of food and the Saudi coalition has imposed a blockade: which is directly responsible for mass starvation. All aid that enters the country though international NGOs must first travel through the Saudi-imposed government in Aden; so aid doesn’t usually reach the people living under Saudi bombs and siege.

The attack happened during the day as the market was full of people shopping for Eid al-Fitr– a Muslim holiday which marks the end of Ramadan. It seems like Saudi Arabia has only increased their attacks on Yemen during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Local government authorities in Sana’a have strongly condemned the massacre as a “crime against humanity” and pointed out the shameful silence of the international community– especially the UN Security Council. A statement released from leadership in Sana’a points out that this silence is complicity: “the international silence of the defect encourages the alliance to continue to commit crimes of genocide against the Yemeni people and the systematic targeting of homes and public and private property, schools and hospitals.” 

This massacre is just another example of the Saudi-US war crimes in Yemen– to which they share joint responsibility. This only further proves that the Saudi coalition specifically targets civilian areas with the goal of causing mass civilian casualties.

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Warning: the images below contain very graphic content.

Photographs courtesy of a Sa’ada resident.


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