Taiz (GPA) – Citizens in the southwest Yemeni province of Taiz– under control of Saudi-backed troops– have discovered the charred body of a young girl. Her body also exhibits signs of torture.

A number of residents in Taiz were shocked and disgusted to find the badly burned body of a young girl– no older than 15– yesterday. Reports from Yemeni media say she appears to have been tortured before being killed and then burned to prevent discovering her identity. Out of respect for the victim and her family, Geopolitics Alert will not publish her name or photos.

This incident only further demonstrates the Saudi-coalition’s and their ground forces’ complete disregard for human life. As Geopolitics Alert frequently reports, Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes consistently target civilian areas including schools, farms, hospitals, factories, and pretty much any other civilian infrastructure one can imagine.

Credit: Geopolitics Alert

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It’s hard to comprehend what life must be like for Yemeni civilians living in areas under control of Saudi-backed forces. But this young girl’s story serves as a disturbing look into the fate many civilians could possibly face living under their rule. The Saudi-backed government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi has attempted to set up an improvised capital in Aden but fails to gather much public support. (Sana’a– Yemen’s capital– is under resistance control of Ansarullah and the Popular Committees.)

According to local sources, many civilians frequently flee areas like Aden or Taiz, not only because they are active battle fronts, but because the Saudi-backed forces do not provide sufficient security or stability. Areas of al-Qaeda control are interwoven with areas under Saudi-backed control. Indeed, al-Qaeda and the Saudi coalition are fighting a shared enemy of Ansarullah; so they have become de facto allies. Ansarullah control in Sana’a conducts frequent checkpoints to avoid al-Qaeda infiltration. So this provides a level of security that is probably not present in areas under Saudi-backed control.

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At this point it is unclear what the Saudi-backed forces’ alleged motivation was for torturing and killing this teenage girl. Just a month ago an activist– this time a  young man– was assassinated in Aden by Saudi-backed troops. Unfortunately it seems like anyone who doesn’t agree with the U.S.-Saudi aggression against Yemen is at risk for meeting this same fate. If nothing else, this incident demonstrates that the Saudi-coalition can subject Yemeni civilians to any war crime they please without any consequences whatsoever while the world sits back in silence.


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