Sana’a (GPA) – U.S.-backed Saudi warplanes continued their terrorism against Yemen today conducting dozens of airstrikes.

Several bombs targeted a home in Sa’ada province killing over twelve civilians including four children. The house is completely destroyed. Eyewitnesses state that Saudi planes carried-out additional strikes as family members fled to a neighbor’s home. No one in the family survived. Hours earlier in the same province, airstrikes killed seven after targetting another home.

Another two civilians were killed in the same region when air strikes targeted a farm.

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Moving to Midi province, another three civilians died after warplanes attacked another home with airstrikes. The Saudi-led coalition also struck Hodeidah province with airstrikes as well as various villages throughout Shabwah province.

These acts of terrorism come just hours after Reuters reported a leaked U.N. draft which blacklists the Saudi-led military coalition for crimes against children. The draft proposal has yet to acquire U.N. approval. Ban Ki-moon removed Saudi Arabia from this same blacklist last year after pressure from the kingdom. It’s important to note that Saudi Arabia has a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

The U.N. also plans to initiate an investigation into the human rights abuses in Yemen. Unfortunately, after economic pressure from the Saudis, this inquiry won’t have any teeth. Any crimes discovered won’t be tried in an international court.

war against yemen probe
Home destroyed by Saudi airstrikes in August. An entire family was murdered, only one young girl survived.

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The Saudi coalition has killed tens of thousands from airstrikes and artillery alone which typically target homes, farms, factories, utilities, water treatment centers and just about everything else.

Tens of thousands more have died from the siege and blockade which restricts food and aid imports. The blockade has also triggered a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak taking the lives of over 3,000. Experts believe over 1 million will be infected by the end of 2017.

This devastation is intentional as Saudi Arabia attempts to beat Yemen into submission and deteriorate morale.

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