Marib (GPA) – Saudi Arabia is dropping so many bombs on Yemen, they can’t even distinguish their own forces any more. Today in the Yemeni province of Marib, Saudi Arabia killed 80 of their own troops– including a senior military commander– in a series of airstrikes.

Yemeni military sources confirmed that “several raids” struck the troops on Marib’s Serwah front. Saudi-coalition warplanes have dropped dozens– if not hundreds– of bombs on various Yemeni provinces every day for over a week. Most of those airstrikes targeted various areas in Marib– an average of 60 each day.

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Despite the high number of airstrikes and reconnaissance missions in Marib, Yemeni Joint Forces were able to thwart a Saudi-led advance. Yemeni forces also carried out a successful surprise ground offensive in Marib which resulted in the deaths of many Sudanese troops. Sudan has provided many ground forces to the Saudi-led war against Yemen.

Saudi senior military commander Brigadier General Ali Shaddad and a Colonel Ayed Bh Alajdei also died on the Serwah front in Marib today; either from airstrikes or the simultaneous Yemeni-backed ground operation.

najran saudi arabia yemen houthis
Saudi-backed mercenaries flee Yemen’s Popular Forces in Najran.

In another front farther northwest in Najran, Yemeni forces successfully launched a missile at Saudi-backed mercenaries, killing 6.

This only further demonstrates the Saudis’ lack of any ability or readiness to carry out a war with any regional military power. Specifically Iran, Qatar, or Turkey– all countries the Wahhabi kingdom has risen tensions with recently.

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