Taiz (GPA) – The Saudi coalition continues carry out their war crimes in Yemen on a daily basis. This morning, 3 Saudi airstrikes struck 3 homes in the province of Taiz.

Over twenty displaced people were killed or wounded in the massacre– mostly women and children. The victims had previously fled Saudi airstrikes in the coastal towns of Mokha and Dhubab. Security forces and locals are still digging through the rubble so the number of victims is expected to rise.

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Millions of Yemenis find themselves internally displaced due to the Saudi war against their country. The Saudi blockade severely restricts movement of people in-and-out of Yemen. This makes it hard to flee the country even for medical care. As a result, many Yemenis have fled their homes in towns which are frequent targets for Saudi bombs.

Several civilians also report fleeing territory in Yemen’s south under control of Saudi-backed or UAE-backed forces. The Saudi-backed coalition forces are essentially de facto allies with takfiri groups like al-Qaeda. Yemen’s Ansarullah and Popular Forces on the other hand offer substantial security due to their frequent checkpoints. So in areas under their control, violence from terrorist groups like al-Qaeda is currently uncommon.

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Ansarullah’s official spokesman, Muhammad Abdul Salam, condemned the massacre. Highlighting that this is just one in a series of horrific attacks Yemenis are subjected to on a daily basis. Salam pointed out that the United Nations’ silence is ‘shameful’ for ignoring the brutal siege and attacks against Yemen; which further demonstrates the UN’s complicity in this aggression.

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Credit: al-Masirah

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