Sana’a (GPA) – On Sunday the 8th of April, double tap air strikes by the Saudi-UAE led coalition targeted a residential area next to Alraea elementary school in Sa’awan Yemen’s capital, Sana’a. At least 13 civilians were killed, mostly schoolgirls, and more than 100 were wounded, many of them in a critical condition.

Saudi-Emirates led Coalition media, SkyNews-Arabic from the UAE, broadcast news of the airstrikes in east Sanaa but later denied the action after learning that many of the victims included young schoolgirls. Other news coalition agencies such as Saudi Al-Arabia and Al-Hadath reported the incident as an attack on what they called a “Houthi military facility,” which these outlets later denied as well.

This horrible war crime wouldn’t have occurred if the international community took serious action against the previous crimes committed by the Saudi-Emirates-led coalition against civilians, particularly children, in Yemen.

The world has a moral responsibility to protect the innocent people of Yemen. Issuing a no-flying zone for Saudi-Emirates led coalition warplanes over Sana’a and other cities of Yemen is urgent to save civilian lives.

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”

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The young schoolgirls’ belongings are scattered about after the devastating attack. Geopolitics Alert has not published the more graphic photos out of respect for the girls’ families. 


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This is not the first time the Saudi-Emirates-led coalition committed a horrible crime and mass murder against children in Yemen.

In August of last year, the coalition targeted a school bus full of students in Dhahian, Saddah province resulting in more than 40 children murdered and 79 injured. Showing no shame, the speaker of the coalition declared that it was a legitimate military action, describing the target as a group of military experts working with the Houthis group according to him.

A few days later, after the whole world knew that the “experts” were, in fact, children between six and 11 years old, the coalition shamelessly declared that they had bad intel and claimed to establish an investigation. According to a United Nations report, the use of precision-guided smart missiles indicated that the airstrikes hit their intended target.

As we live in such hypocritical time of history while the criminal investigates his own crimes, we would foolishly cheat ourselves and ask again naively what happened to the previous investigations of such crimes?

One notable crime includes an attack on a funeral hall in Sana’a: bombed to the ground by coalition warplanes resulting over 300 lives lost and several hundreds of injured people. We could also look at airstrike massacres on the hospital of Abbs, the market of Alhudidah, Althaorah hospital, the wedding in Hajjah, and so on with countless innocent lives lost.

The same scenario again and again and the misery of the innocent Yemeni people will not end so long as the world pays the high price of giving up their morals by keeping silence, turning a blind eye, and continuing to provide the shameless murderers with advanced weapons and all means of political covers.