(GPA) Sana’a – According to reports, at least 8 children have died and at least 15 more have been injured after a Saudi airstrike “mistakenly” hit an elementary school in the Sana’a district of Nihm.

Sources on the ground say that over the past few days, Saudi attacks have targeted a school, mosque, and another building in the Haimah region near Sana’a– killing or injuring dozens of civilians including children.

saudi airstrike school yemen sana'a children
School in Sa’ada, Yemen destroyed by an airstrike in 2015. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic Flickr: United Nations OCHA

Saudi Arabia claims the attack was intended to hit “Houthi targets” but attacking schools or civilian areas is not at all out of character for the kingdom. In fact they seem to be taking a scorched-Earth approach to Yemen. Right before the turn of the new year, the Saudis– backed with military support from the US and UK– intensified their air campaign. Targets at this time included a school, boats, farms, and factories.

According to local sources, 185 schools in Yemen have been destroyed by Saudi airstrikes (and the greater Saudi-backed coalition) in just shy of two years. In December, a school was hit with cluster bombs. While they were initially suspected to be made in the UK, the banned munitions were actually manufactured in Brazil according to Human Rights Watch.

Like usual, Saudi Arabia’s actions or intelligence reports were never brought into question by any US or international authorities. And of course, the West’s role of supplying weapons and coordinating intelligence efforts is never to blame.