(GPA) Syria – The Russian battle group operating near the Syrian port of Latakia claims to have chased a Dutch observation submarine away earlier today.

The Dutch military has said in a statement they have no comment on the alleged incident except one Defense Minister who said it was unwise “to go along with the Russian rhetoric.” So as of now there is only the Russian side of the story to base reports on.

Spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov claims the submarine was identified at about 20 kilometers out from the flotilla. The Russian ships are said to have tracked the submarine for over an hour which “forced it to leave the area of the aircraft carrier-led group.”

Russia claims this is not the first time in the deployment of this group of ships that they have “monitored NATO vessels tracking” them. They also warned that further actions such as this could lead to “serious navigation accidents.”

Following the anxiety caused by the large Russian fleet sailing through the English Channel on its way to the Mediterranean, tensions are high among European Union members. The Russian presence right off the shores of Europe has led to condemnation from several EU members and if this report is true it probably isn’t the last time it will happen.