(GPA) Moscow – This week an announcement was made by Colonel General Valery Kapashin that Russia was on track to destroying the remainder of their chemical weapons by the end of 2017.

Kapashin, who is in charge of the storage and destruction was signed off on earlier this week, the date is final and Russia is already on course to complete the objective.

Russia has already destroyed 93% of their chemical weapons stockpile since signing on the International Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)  in 1993. The original target date was for complete destruction of these weapons was originally 2012 but many nations, including Russia, could not meet this deadline due to a variety of reasons including lacking the funds or facilities. The new deadline is the year 2020.

Russia began the operation to destroy their chemical stockpiles in 2002. The county had a grand total of about 40,000 tons of weapons to destroy when they signed on to the treaty.

Russia seems to be doing well in keeping their promise to the international community, despite only having one facility to carry out the operation of weapons destruction. Compare this to the US who just opened a $4.5 billion facility in southern Colorado for the destruction of 780,000 shells of just one chemical weapon – mustard gas. Even with this automated facility running around the clock, the US is it expected to be done neutralizing the shells until mid 2020.