Damascus (MEE– Russian police will set up checkpoints in Eastern Ghouta and southwest Syria.

Russia has deployed military police to monitor two safe zones being established in Syria, it was announced on Monday, with officials touting it as a new era of US cooperation.

Senior commander Sergei Rudskoi said Russian forces had set up checkpoints and observation posts around a zone in southwest Syria and Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus.

The two areas are part of a broader Moscow-backed plan to create four “de-escalation zones” in rebel-held parts of Syria.

“Thus, thanks to measures taken by the Russian Federation, we have managed to stop military action in two of Syria’s most important areas,” the defence ministry said.

Russia deploys military police near Damascus – Russian Defense Ministry

The defence ministry’s announcement marks the first deployment of foreign troops to bolster the safe zones as Moscow seeks to pacify Syria after its military intervention swung the six-year conflict in favour of President Bashar al-Assad.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday praised the creation of the safe zones, saying it showed Russia can work with the United States under President Donald Trump.

Russia’s top diplomat said in an interview on Monday to Kurdish Rudaw television that President Vladimir Putin and Trump’s agreement on creating de-escalation zones in southern Syria at their first meeting at the G20 in Hamburg was “a concrete example that we can work together”.

Lavrov contrasted the negotiations with Barack Obama’s administration, which he said “turned out to be incapable of separating terrorists from the normal opposition” in Syria.

“Only now through the concept of safe zones are we getting results in this area,” Lavrov said.

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Rudskoi said Russian personnel on 21-22 July established two checkpoints and 10 observation posts along the boundaries dividing rebel forces and government troops in the southern zone.

Moscow has also informed Israel of its deployment and that the nearest Russian position is 13 kilometres from the demarcation line between Israeli and Syrian troops in the Golan Heights, Rudskoi said.

Under a second deal Moscow said it struck with “moderate” rebels over the weekend in Egypt, Russian forces on Monday also set up two checkpoints and four observation posts in the area covering conflict-ravaged Eastern Ghouta, he added.

The Syrian army on Saturday announced a halt in fighting for parts of Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held region on the outskirts of the capital, but a London-based monitor said government war planes still carried out raids.

Government forces have surrounded Eastern Ghouta for more than four years.

On the other two proposed safe zones, Rudskoi said that while boundaries have been fixed in the north of the Homs province, they have still not been agreed in Idlib on the border with Turkey.

Further discussions on hammering out details of those two zones are set to take place at a fresh round of peace talks in Kazakhstan in late August.

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