(GPA) New York – Earlier today at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council, a proposal to initiate a seven day ceasefire in East Aleppo, Syria was vetoed by both Russia and China.

Russia warned the delegation from the United States earlier today that the measure would be blocked. Russia was joined by China and Venezuela in blocking the proposal put forward by Egypt, New Zealand and Spain. The countries claimed that the ceasefire was needed to “allow for the delivery of humanitarian aid.”

Russia believes the ceasefire is a desperate attempt by the international community to put off the now seemingly inevitable victory by Syrian government forces in retaking Aleppo. The Russian delegate to the UNSC said that this proposal was made under “pressure” by the major western countries on the council and that the move undermines “peace efforts of the co-chairs of the Syria Support Group,” that includes Russia and the US.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said that evidenced by the “previous pauses [in the conflict], there is absolutely no doubt that the 10-day ceasefire, which backers of the draft resolution generously want to provide the militants with, would surely be used for regrouping and rearming the extremists and would slow down the liberation of eastern Aleppo from them.”

The US may contend that this isn’t about the rebels but is instead about delivering aid but the same rebel groups who they wish to include in the ceasefire attacked a Russian field hospital as the proposal was being debated. The track record of past cease fires shows that the Washington backed rebel groups are often willing to use ceasefires agreed on between the US and Russia as a chance to attack.

Even western media has been forced to admit in the past few days that the opposition who is supposed to uphold agreements like this in East Aleppo is primarily led by al Qaeda affiliate, al Nusra and would have no interest in doing the Syrian government any favors.

Attribution 2.0 Generic  Flickr: sanjitbakshi
Attribution 2.0 Generic Flickr: sanjitbakshi

The Syrian government has almost completed the operations to retake all of Aleppo as of now and there doesn’t seem to be any signs that this progress will reverse. Perhaps the only way it could is if the ceasefire with notorious terror organizations who would not abide were agreed to. The Assad government will soon flush out the remaining jihadis who have declined to leave the city and all those who have been held captive by these groups will be receiving aid once they are liberated but allowing terrorists time to regroup will only hurt them.