(GPA) Black Sea – U.S. officials are outraged again after another military operation in the Black Sea has been intercepted by Russian jets. This follows the interception and buzzing of the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea in April.

This time a US Navy P-8 Poseidon was flying a “routine operation” in international airspace over the Black Sea and was intercepted for a total of 19 minutes by a Russian Su-27 Flanker. At one point the Russian jet came within ten feet of the US plane.

The US jet was within forty miles of the Russian coast but this doesn’t stop US officials from considering this some kind of Russian aggression. US Navy Captain Jeff A. Davis claimed the “[Russian interception has] the potential to unnecessarily escalate tensions.”

[Tweet “Russian Jet Buzzes US Spy Plane Over Black Sea”]

The Russian plane’s transponder was not on but the Russian government says this is routine to help make identification of their aircraft easier for other pilots in the area. Russian officials also commented that the actions taken today didn’t violate any international law.

Image Credit: Flickr - Creative Commons - Rob Schleiffert
Image Credit: Flickr – Creative Commons – Rob Schleiffert

It’s hard to say if anything will really come of this event (as nothing really came out of the USS Donald Cook incident) but it is fair to say that the US will continue operating in close proximity to Russia regardless. The US may call this an act of Russian aggression but they won’t acknowledge how close they constantly operate to Russia’s borders. Whatever Russian intentions may be; the US accusing them of escalating tension is laughable considering how close their spy planes are operating to the territory of a country they aren’t involved in any type of open conflict with.



  1. So it’s ok then for Russia and China to start routine patrols with warships an aircraft of the Californian coast if we go by the U.S.logic.I don’t understand the U.S.even as it supported the attempted overthrow of the Syrian government an says it’s justified in arming the jihadist in there attempt of doing that it isn’t ok for Russia to support the Ukrainians that are resisting those who violently ousted the legitimate
    government of Marine but then it gets even more confusing because the Saudis have a green light to bomb hospitals schools civilian areas in Yemen Because the people booted out a corrupt government.They even sell billions of dollars worth of weapons an send U.S.advisors to help in targeting well hospitals civilians an schools it seems.This U.S.administration are mad how the hell are they not on.trial in the Hague?

  2. If a Russian spy plane in International airspace came within 40 miles of the United States borders, how do you think we would behave?! Same way, I imagine. So, why all the fuss as if Russia was wrong to do this?!
    Also, the US has sent our tanks and army through Romania toward the Russian border and has set up land missiles along the borders of Russia already!!!! WHOSE THE AGGRESSOR HERE?!!! The United States government is attempting to start a war with Russia.


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