Beirut (GPA) – Lebanon’s Resistance and Liberation Day celebration is a powerful and optimistic follow-up to Trump’s dystopian visit to Riyadh and Israel last week.

Resistance and Liberation Day takes place on May 25th. It celebrates Lebanon’s victory in 2000 when Israel was forced out of South Lebanon by Hezbollah forces. Which ultimately ended the South Lebanon Conflict. This occasion is celebrated by people of all colors and creeds because it commemorates successful resistance against oppressive Zionist occupiers backed by the United States. And after last week, the world needs a strong resistance now more than ever.

Last weekend, Trump visited Saudi Arabia and Israel. The regimes of these three countries are responsible for nearly all suffering in the Middle East. Trump used the trip to finalize a record-breaking arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Which will cause suffering and oppression in places like Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and even within the kingdom itself.

Flags of Lebanon, Palestine and Hezbollah flying next to the Israeli border fence near Kfar Kila. Credit: Paul Keller

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Trump also used the trip as an opportunity to discuss forming an “Arab NATO.” Which would essentially be used to strengthen US-ties with oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia in order to escalate tensions with Iran and resistance forces elsewhere. And of course, being a US ally also means you have to support (or at least tolerate) Israel’s existence.

So after last week’s geopolitical events (not to mention the creepy globe photos), today’s Resistance & Liberation Day celebration is a refreshing and uplifting reminder of the forces fighting back against imperialism and oppression.

Lebanese resistance leader, Hassan Nasrallah, gave a powerful speech. He explained that the United States and their allies supported the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and the “only two nations that stood behind the Lebanese people were only and only the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria.”

Imperialism won’t be defeated by words alone, so it’s important to support the forces directly fighting on-the-ground against US, Saudi, and Zionist invaders in areas like Syria, Yemen, and Palestine. Considering the current erratic political climate, a fresh war on Lebanese soil seems like it could become a reality at really any time. As the United States regime seeks to crush Iran into submission, they will continue to fund wars with the purpose of depleting Iranian energy and resources. Which we see happening right now in Syria and Yemen (despite no proof of Iranian support), but soon possibly Lebanon as well.

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But today serves as a reminder that the resistance is thriving and won’t back down. In Syria, US-backed terrorists are losing on the ground. The US even had to resort to a full-on invasion after Trump’s inauguration. In Yemen, Ansarullah resistance forces continue to annihilate Saudi, UAE, and Sudanese forces on the ground. Despite the fact that the Saudi-coalition has the world’s best military equipment and intelligence at their disposal.

Trump’s first visit is a blatant act of desperation to hold things together as alliances and power slowly fall apart. Just days after Trump’s visit to Riyadh, the Qatari Emir stated that he was uncomfortable escalating tensions with Iran; suggesting other Gulf States consider Iran as an Islamic Nation instead of partnering with the west. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates responded by blocking all Qatari media domestically– including Al Jazeera.

“Iran represents a regional and Islamic power that cannot be ignored and it is unwise to face up against it. It is a big power in the stabilisation of the region,” Shaikh Tamim said.

Qatari media later claimed the website had been “hacked by an unknown entity”. Whether or not that claim is true, there is certainly animosity growing in the Gulf.

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Other Resistance to Trump’s Trip

Yemen responded to Trump’s visit by expressing resistance in every way possible. First Yemeni forces launched two missiles at Riyadh as a “welcome gift” for Trump. This was followed by tens of thousands flooding the streets to condemn the deadly US-Saudi alliance and arms sale. The UN envoy to Yemen was also greeted with eggs and protesters. An Ansarullah spokesman called the UN mission in Yemen “useless” since they have done absolutely nothing to help the Yemeni people dying of starvation and cholera.

Palestine brilliantly protested Trump’s Israel visit with what was called ‘Day of Rage.’ Which was intended to draw attention to the over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners living under deplorable conditions in Israeli jails as well as the recent hunger strike.