Sana’a (GPA) – Saudi Arabia has accelerated their attacks on Yemen over the past week and shows no sign of slowing down.

Airstrikes have pounded Yemen relentlessly day and night without ceasing. In just the past 48 hours, dozens of civilians have died in multiple massacres from the US-backed coalition. The number of airstrikes and casualties is so high Geopolitics Alert is having a hard time documenting them all.

The most devastating attack took place yesterday when nearly 10 airstrikes targeted a police station and prison in Sana’a. Over 30 people died including both prisoners and staff while more than 80 were injured.

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs condemned the attack. Stating that it violates “all international norms and humanitarian laws.” The committee also said they would hold the United Nations accountable for their complacency and complicity.

Shortly after the prison attack, warplanes targeted a civilian area in Taiz killing 11 including a small child. Another two died in Taiz when additional airstrikes targeted a car.

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Airstrikes continued in Saada as per usual striking a farm which destroyed the home and killed livestock. Additional attacks targeting a highway in Saada killed another three civilians.

Strikes also targeted Hodeidah where bombs destroyed multiple homes and a farm.

Warplanes also destroyed a solar panel system used for pumping water. Yemen is in the midst of a cholera and diphtheria outbreak. Nearly one million civilians have contracted cholera and thousands have lost their lives. Doctors Without Borders is monitoring at least 318 suspected diphtheria cases while nearly 30 have died. Nearly 95% of deaths are children under 15.

Riyadh imposed a land, sea, and air blockade over Yemen shortly after launching their war in 2015. As a result, nearly 17 million Yemenis are food insecure and seven million face direct famine. The blockade restricts foodstuffs, medical supplies, fuel, sanitation equipment, and flow of movement.

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Riyadh’s deadly airstrikes and military campaign have killed nearly 13,000 since the beginning of the war. Saudi Arabia accelerated airstrikes last week after the death of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Saudi coalition would not be able to carry out this war without full support and encouragement from the United States and other western allies.