Caracas (GPA) – Thousands of supporters of the PSUV and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took to the streets Saturday to reject the US-backed “government” of Juan Guaido.

If your only sources for news on Venezuela are imperial media you likely spent this weekend reading headline after headline about protests in Venezuela. However, while you may know about “interim-President” Juan Guaido’s rally in Caracas, there was another massive (and possibly bigger according to a source close to GPA) demonstration happening at the same time not far away.

This second rally was made up of thousands of regular Venezuelans voicing their support for President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Besides average Maduro supporters, the pro-PSUV rally was also composed of government workers, labor unions, militias, and others who took to the streets of Caracas to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Bolivarian revolution and reject the illegitimate shadow-government of Juan Guaido.

On the other side of Caracas, Juan Guaido was making it obvious as to why many Venezuelans might not like the so-called President. Guaido promised his supporters that there is an “international coalition supporting freedom and [promising] humanitarian aid” to Venezuela but only once Maduro – the elected President – has resigned.

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If you’re familiar with the imperial media’s line on Venezuela you might think this – and let’s call it what it is – extortion by Guaido is completely justified since Maduro is somehow illegitimate. This is untrue and is another false narrative devised by the western powers as explained in one of our articles last week.

Beyond the fact that Maduro did win an election (that Guaido’s party chose to boycott) the rally celebrating 20 years since Hugo Chavez was first elected President of Venezuela showed just how much power Maduro and the PSUV can still bring into the streets. If western media were to be believed, there is no support in Venezuela for Maduro, but the photos and videos below tell a different story.

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