On this episode of the Geopolitics Alert podcast, hosts Randi and Jim sit down with Middle East researcher Jason Pack to discuss current affairs in Libya including his analysis of the Islamic State presence in the country.

Jason is the founder of the site Eye on ISIS in Libya and also runs his own personal analysis blog, Libya Analysis. Jason has consulted and advised for organizations including the U.K.’s ministry of defense, the US Department of Defense, the US State Department, NATO, The United Nations along with others. Jason is currently on a leave of absence from his position as a doctoral student and researcher at Cambridge University, he holds an M.St. in Global and Imperial history from St. Antony’s College, Oxford University.

We sat down with Jason to ask him questions on how the Islamic State came to have a presence in Libya, what that presence currently looks like, and if Western nations had any type of coherent strategy for dealing with Libya that he could explain to us.