Hodeidah (GPA) – Warplanes belonging to the Saudi coalition against Yemen struck various civilian areas over the past 24 hours. One target includes a vital desalination plant located on Kamaran island just north of the Hodeidah port.

Just about every northwestern Yemeni province has been subjected to Saudi airstrikes over the past few days. Several of those airstrikes targeted various areas of Hodeidah– Yemen’s fourth most populated city. Hodeidah is also important because it contains a vital port millions of Yemenis rely on for food, water, and medical supplies. Not only does Yemen import nearly 80% of food, but cholera treatments and medical supplies are hard to come by– as is clean water.

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Yemen is in the midst of globally unprecedented cholera outbreak. Hundreds of thousands have already been infected and millions are at risk. About 5,000 people become infected each day and thousands have died just since April of this year– mostly children. Hospitals don’t have enough space to treat patients. Cholera is spread by drinking contaminated water. And due to the Saudi blockade on all imports, sanitation supplies most people take for granted– like chlorine bleach– are hard to come by.

This certainly isn’t the first time the Saudi coalition has bombed civilian infrastructure vital to survival during their campaign against Yemen (which has just entered its third year). It isn’t even the first time they’ve bombed a desalination plant. In fact they’ve destroyed about 370 water tanks and facilities. Just last year, Saudi warplanes destroyed a desalination plant in Mokha claiming it was a “weapons storage” facility.

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So just days after Saudi officials were bragging about their ‘generous gift’ of cholera medication, they decided to bomb a facility used to provide Yemenis with clean water. This is just another example that cements Saudi Arabia’s terrorist and genocidal activities in Yemen.

Photos courtesy Yemen’s Military Media Center.


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