Ankara (GPA) – Despite continued bluster that Turkey will defend Jerusalem to the last man, based on the evidence of Israel-Tukey relations, this all-out Turkish attack to save Al Quds basically amounts to fantasy. Over the past several months (even more so since the movement of the US embassy to Jerusalem) thereContinue Reading

Yemen shoots down Tornado jet, Saudi airstrikes kill 30 civilians in response

Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen used its new air defense system to shoot down a fighter jet belonging to the Saudi coalition. Saudi Arabia responded by bombing a civilian area, killing at least 30 people and injuring several more. On Friday, Yemen’s military used a new domestically produced air defense systemContinue Reading

Ankara (GPA) – Turkish (and American) troops are currently causing complete chaos in Idlib, here is a brief explanation of how we got here and what could be next. Over the last several weeks, the news around Idlib has been getting progressively worse as Turkey and its western allies have begun soundingContinue Reading

Manama (GPA) – During a seminar organized by the Crown Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Brandeis University, Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, Ambassador of Bahrain to the United States claimed that Bahrain is witnessing its best era of democracy. In its overview for 2019, Freedom House, a USContinue Reading

Washington (TM) – The United States has halted a secretive military intelligence cooperation program with Turkey that for years helped Ankara target Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants, four US officials told Reuters. The US decision to indefinitely suspend the program, which has not been previously reported, was made in response to Turkey’sContinue Reading

Saudi Aramco forced to import oil

Riyadh (AM) – After more than four months, the repercussions of the Yemeni Armed Forces attack, against the Abqaiq and Khurais refineries. Saudi oil giant Aramco suffers from production problems, following the attack carried out by the Yemeni Air Force in September. According to Reuters, South Korea’s third-biggest refiner, S-OiContinue Reading

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Ankara (GPA) – With the pro-Turkey rebels backed into a corner in Idlib, Turkish President Recep Erdogan has threatened (another) military intervention in Idlib. The past several weeks have seen rapid advances made by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with the assistance of Russian airpower leaving the Turkish-backed rebels with few placesContinue Reading

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Damascus (GPA) -The rumors of Khaled Mishaal’s desire to return to senior positions in Hamas could signal a new attempt to “drive a wedge” between the Axis of Resistance. The former head of the Hamas Politburo has long lived in Damascus while remaining the head of the Palestinian movement left SyriaContinue Reading

New York (MEMO) – The deceased American financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli spies who used underage girls to blackmail politicians into giving information to Israel, according to their alleged Mossad handler. The couple reportedly ran a “honey-trap” operation in which they provided youngContinue Reading