US AG China Bill Barr

Washington (SGB) – In a major speech, US Attorney General William Barr dwelled at length on the threat Chinese-owned firms pose to corporate America’s domination of the global economy, but said little about Chinese policy on Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and the South China Sea, the usual reasons Washington cites forContinue Reading

Beijing (TSN) – This military deployment came after Beijing launched out similar maneuvers in the same area. China’s Foreign Ministry Monday claimed that the U.S deliberately sent ships into the South China Sea to show off its military strength. Last week, the U.S. sent the “USS Ronald Reagan” and “USS Nimitz” aircraftContinue Reading

Chicago (MD) – One year ago there was a rash of articles in the media with the same claim — that China had been on a massive, targeted campaign to destroy mosques in Xinjiang. The evidence? Google Earth satellite images, supplemented with the active imaginations of some dilettante ‘experts’ on Twitter. Many ofContinue Reading

Taipei (GPA) – Last week the US Federal Reserve announced that it would take the unprecedented step of purchasing individual corporate bonds as part of its open-ended asset purchase programs launched earlier this year to further stabilize the COVID-19 wracked US economy. The Fed’s aggressive moves continue to push down yields,Continue Reading

Iran and China Announce 25-Year Roadmap for Cooperation

Tehran (FT) – Iran’s Cabinet reviewed and approved the final draft of the 25-year roadmap for Iran-China strategic relations during a regular meeting on Monday. The Foreign Ministry was tasked with conducting the final rounds of negotiations with the Chinese side and make arrangements for the signing of the document byContinue Reading

Nuclear Rivals China and India Clash: Who Benefits?

Beijing (NEO) – A recent border dispute between China and India has resulted in multiple casualties including deaths. It is the first time in decades that this scale of violence has been seen between the two nations. Western headlines have immediately tried to play up the notion of conflict betweenContinue Reading

Beijing (GZ) – Hong Kong’s increasingly xenophobic protests are devolving into chaos with help from US government regime-change outfits and a right-wing local media tycoon with close ties to hardliners in Washington. President Donald Trump tweeted on August 13 that he “can’t imagine why” the United States has been blamed for theContinue Reading

China Builds Coronavirus Hospital in 9 Days

Wuhan (TSN) – China completed Sunday work on the emergency Huoshenshan Hospital, set up to tackle the new coronavirus outbreak in its epicenter in Wuhan. The 1,000-bed hospital, which has an area of 34,000 square meters, was officially delivered to military medics, as about 1,400 medical staff from the armed forces haveContinue Reading

uyghur genocide

Beijing (AHT) – As the media turns to accuse China of an Uyghur genocide and Muslim holocaust in Xinjiang province, research suggests otherwise. For countries like Australia, the US, and France to come forward and defend Muslims whilst having a notorious history killing them abroad, it only serves logic thatContinue Reading