China Builds Coronavirus Hospital in 9 Days

Wuhan (TSN) – China completed Sunday work on the emergency Huoshenshan Hospital, set up to tackle the new coronavirus outbreak in its epicenter in Wuhan. The 1,000-bed hospital, which has an area of 34,000 square meters, was officially delivered to military medics, as about 1,400 medical staff from the armed forces haveContinue Reading

uyghur genocide

Beijing (AHT) – As the media turns to accuse China of an Uyghur genocide and Muslim holocaust in Xinjiang province, research suggests otherwise. For countries like Australia, the US, and France to come forward and defend Muslims whilst having a notorious history killing them abroad, it only serves logic thatContinue Reading

New York (FAIR) – 2019 may be remembered as the year of the protest, as demonstrations are engulfing the world. From the Yellow Vests in France to demonstrations in Lebanon, Gaza, Chile, Ecuador, and Haiti, sustained movements all over the planet have taken to the street demanding change. Yet US corporateContinue Reading

us-china trade war

Beijing (TC) – The United States and China have reached a truce in their escalating trade war. Following a meeting between US president, Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping at the G20, the two leaders agreed to renew talks. Tariffs, which began to be introduced by both sidesContinue Reading

Chicago (SF) – Articles, editorials, and calls to action over the Chinese region of Xinjiang (officially known as Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region) have filled countless pages of news in the past few years. A chorus of voices spanning the American political spectrum, from Marco Rubio to Ilhan Omar, call for sanctionsContinue Reading

China Xi Jinping Donald Trump US losing global power attack china

Beijing (GPA) – The recent trade war ‘truce’ between Xi and Trump is at risk from an attack by the anti-China swamp dwellers. Last weekend, the global markets saw a ray of sunshine as Chinese President Xi Jinping and his counterpart Donald Trump agreed at the G20 meeting in ArgentinaContinue Reading