Yerevan (GPA) – In what may prove to be a costly mistake, Azerbaijan has admitted to downing a Russian helicopter over Armenia. During an eventful day of fighting Nagorno-Karabakh, Azeri forces managed to make a massive mistake in all the confusion. Even as ethnic Armenians lost Shushi, the second-largest city inContinue Reading

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Detroit (GPA) – In this interview, Geopolitics Alert Editor James Carey speaks with Associate Professor Ara Sanjian of the Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. In this latest interview as a part of our Armenians Speak series, James Carey speaks with associate professor of history Ara Sanjian, DirectorContinue Reading

Detroit (GPA) – In this GPA interview for our Armenians Speak series, Editor James Carrey and Contributor Julia Kassem speak with journalist and author Edmond Azadian. Mr. Azadian is a prolific writer and scholar on Near Eastern Studies and American Literature with degrees from the American University of Beirut and Northeastern UniversityContinue Reading

Detroit (GPA) – In this latest installment of GPA’s Armenians Speak series, Dr. Vahe Sahakyan of the Armenian Research Center answers our questions on the current crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh. Dr. Vahe Sahakyan is a research scholar at the Armenian Research Center, University of Michigan Dearborn. Positioned in the intersection of modernContinue Reading

Detroit (GPA) – As a part of GPA’s current series highlighting the crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh, this brief explainer will help to better explain Armenian history. The history of the Caucasus is complex, involves many different nationalities, and spans back centuries. This article will be part one of two attempting to better explainContinue Reading

Lansing (GPA) -A resolution condemning Azerbaijan’s aggression against the ethnically-Armenian populated Nagorno-Karabakh, also known as Artsakh, passed in the Michigan House last Wednesday, October 14. The resolution, known as Michigan House Resolution No.319, condemns Turkey and Azerbaijan for its assault on Armenian civilians, also called for the US Department ofContinue Reading

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Detroit (GPA) – Following the latest round of aggression by Azerbaijan against the ethnic Armenians in Artsakh, Geopolitics Alert launches a series highlighting the ways Armenian-Americans are standing in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in their homeland. This exclusive project will include written and video interviews, videos from events like thoseContinue Reading

Baku (EAN)  – Emboldened by its growing support from Turkey, Azerbaijan has been taking an increasingly harder line against Russia as a diplomatic spat between Baku and Moscow continues to escalate. The particular object of the current dispute is a series of flights that Russian military cargo planes took to Armenia,Continue Reading

Tbilisi (EAN) – A few weeks ago, residents of the village of Dadash, on Georgia’s border with Turkey, blocked the main highway connecting the two countries. Their aim, they said, was to call attention to rampant lawlessness in the area since the opening of the border post with Turkey in 2015. In particular,Continue Reading