Caracas (TSN) -“With this second shipment, as well as that which we already received from the Russian Federation, the International Red Cross, and the Red Crescent some 166 tons of medicines and supplies have arrived in the country,” Health Minister Carlos Alvarado said. The People’s Republic of China delivered a large amountContinue Reading

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Moscow (TSN) -Venezuelan top diplomat Jorge Arreaza stressed that the suffering in Venezuela is due to Washington’s economic war against the South American country. Foreign Ministers of Russia and Venezuela, Sergey Lavrov and Jorge Arreaza, held a press conference Sunday in the Russian capital Moscow, in which both diplomats urged strengthening dialogueContinue Reading

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Caracas (GPA) – According to a source cited in a report by The Daily Beast, the Russians of have their own coup plot in Venezuela. According to two men, who The Daily Beast identified simply as Simon and Alejandro, there is an unspoken consensus that self-proclaimed “Venezuelan President” Juan Guaido has failedContinue Reading

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Caracas (GPA) – Leaders throughout Latin America and the world have rejected Tuesday’s coup attempt against Nicolas Maduro. A military uprising began Tuesday morning after a speech by opposition leader Juan Guaido. With full support of the United States and its allies, Guaido illegally proclaimed himself “interim president” in January.Continue Reading

Caracas (TLS) – A new economic study reveals that Trump’s animosity towards Venezuela have created fruitless, heartless, illegal, and failed policies which are causing grave harm to most vulnerable Venezuelan social groups. The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) released Thursday a study revealing that President Donald Trump’s actions against VenezuelaContinue Reading

Washington D.C. (GZ) – Away from the public eye, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) think tank hosted a top-level, off-the-record meeting to explore US military options against Venezuela. (The complete list of attendees for the private CSIS event on US military options against Venezuela appears at theContinue Reading

Caracas (VA) – Venezuelan authorities denounced a “double attack” against the country’s electrical infrastructure. Venezuela suffered another widespread power outage on Monday, with authorities claiming a “double attack” against the country’s main hydroelectric dam took place. Both alleged attacks against the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant, known as the Guri Dam,Continue Reading

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Caracas (VZA) – The US government has increased pressure against Caracas mainly by targeting the oil industry. The US is considering new sanctions that would stop Visa, Mastercard, and other financial service companies from processing payments in Venezuela, according to a White House official quoted by Reuters. “The purpose of these sanctions is toContinue Reading

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Caracas (TSN) – Russian officials will meet with the U.S. special envoy to convey the unacceptability of the U.S. actions against both Venezuela and Russia. The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov announced a meeting with the United States special envoy to Venezuela Eliot Abrams, in which he will tell him face-to-face that a military intervention in the South American countryContinue Reading