Merid (VZA) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Tuesday a new national plan for medical education. Maduro unveiled the plan, named after renowned Venezuelan Doctor Jose Gregorio Hernandez, during the graduation ceremony of more than 3400 new doctors. During the ceremony, the Head of State delivered diplomas to 2140 community doctors,Continue Reading

Caracas (TSN) – Venezuela has initiatives designed to confront drug trafficking, mostly due to its geographic proximity to Colombia. A plane registered in the United States containing a large shipment of drugs inside was rendered inoperable upon entering Zulia state, on the border with Colombia, as informed by Nestor Reverol, Minister of People’s Power for InternalContinue Reading

maduro venezuela releases evidence assassination

Caracas (VZA) – Aggression against Venezuela from the US has intensified in recent weeks and all signs are pointing towards an escalation ahead of elections in the US and Venezuela. The hybrid war against Venezuela is intensifying as the US presidential campaign is heating up. The Trump administration and its Venezuelan andContinue Reading

Santiago (VZA) – Presumptive Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden lashed out at Donald Trump after the US president said he would consider meeting his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro. “Trump talks tough on Venezuela but admires thugs and dictators like Nicolas Maduro. As President, I will stand with the Venezuelan people and forContinue Reading

US Navy Ship Sails Off Venezuelan Coast to Threaten Iran

Caracas (TLS) – According to US Southern Command, the “peaceful” operation took place “in international waters, outside the territorial jurisdiction of Venezuela, 12 nautical miles (about 22 kilometers) from that country. A US Navy ship sailed Tuesday off the coast of Venezuela, in what Southern Command called a “freedom ofContinue Reading

maduro open letter united states IMF

Caracas (TSN) – Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza reported  Tuesday that the government of President Nicolas Maduro asked the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a financing facility for US$5 billion from the emergency fund of the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI). These resources will be deployed to strengthen the response capacities of the VenezuelanContinue Reading

For Western Press, the Only Coup in Venezuela Is Against Guaido

Caracas (FAIR) – The international corporate media have entered crisis mode following the replacement of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as head of the country’s National Assembly. In headline after headline, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro “Takes Over” (NBC, 1/6/20), “Claims Control of” (New York Times, 1/5/20; CNBC, 1/6/20) or “Seizes” (Reuters, 1/5/20; NPR, 1/6/20) parliament, and “Ousts” Guaidó (WallContinue Reading

Juan Guaido Introduces Remote Voting in Bid to Secure Reelection

Caracas (VZA) – Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly (AN) changed the body’s internal regulation to allow deputies to participate remotely. Opposition lawmakers approved “the use of technologies for virtual participation” in a bid to allow deputies outside the country to vote on legislation. Several opposition lawmakers have seen their parliamentary immunity revoked in recent monthsContinue Reading