Brasilia (TSN) – Brazil’s Public Ministry (MPF) Tuesday charged journalist Glenn Greenwald of being part of a group of cyber-criminals who intercepted phone calls of Justice Minister Sergio Moro when he was the judge handling Brazil’s biggest-ever corruption case. In Operation Spoofing, which is the name used by the MPF authorities to designate the actions against Greenwald, it is argued that this U.S.Continue Reading

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Brasilia (TSN) – The order demands the suspension of the provisional sentence and grants Lula his freedom immediately. In a decision released on Sunday federal judge Rogerio Favreto of the appeal Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region based in Porto Alegre, decided to grant freedom to former President Luiz Inacio Lula daContinue Reading

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(teleSUR) Government officials in Brazil have accused a Coca-Cola manufacturer of subjecting nearly 200 workers to slave-like labor conditions.  Two Coca-Cola production and distribution centers in Brazil were accused by government officials of subjecting workers to slave-like labor conditions, according to a report released by Reporter Brasil Thursday. In a seven-monthContinue Reading

(teleSUR) The cabinet of Brazil’s interim Senate-imposed President Michel Temer includes several ministers embroiled in corruption scandals. Senate-imposed President Michel Temer’s new cabinet has already garnered widespread criticism for being made up entirely of old white men for the first time since the country’s last dictatorship, but the reasons toContinue Reading