Washington (MEE) – The US has threatened Libya’s eastern military commander Khalifa Haftar with sanctions and accused Russian military contractors with ties to the Kremlin of seizing the country’s largest oil field and export terminal, the Wall Street Journal reported. The newspaper reported on Sunday that Haftar, who controls the bulk of Libya’s key oil infrastructure,Continue Reading

Khartoum (MEE) – Sudan said on Sunday it had arrested 122 of its nationals as they were headed for neighboring Libya to fight as “mercenaries”, state media reported. Libya’s UN-recognised unity Government of National Accord (GNA) has long accused Sudan of sending fighters to back militia commander Khalifa Haftar, who controls muchContinue Reading

Moscow (GPA) – In the most recent issue of crescent-digital, the author, describing the Libyan conflict wrote: “Moscow’s support for Haftar is a long-term preventive action aimed at ending the potential influence of the Islamic movement, which is in power over Muslims in Russia.” I am not an expert on Libya,Continue Reading

Tripoli (MEE) – Forces fighting for Libya’s internationally recognized government say they have regained control of Tripoli, as a military source with the opposing forces of Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar confirmed on Thursday that they were withdrawing. The Government of National Accord’s (GNA) military operations room said in a statement that itContinue Reading

Cairo (MEE) – Egyptian police have raided Turkish public news wire Anadolu Agency’s Cairo office and detained four employees, the agency said in a statement on Wednesday. Anadolu said that police took the employees, including a Turkish citizen, to an unknown place early on Wednesday. “They didn’t give any explanation or show any reason for theContinue Reading

Tripoly (MEE) – A decommissioned Irish naval patrol ship has become the property of Libyan militia leader Khalifa Haftar, the Irish Times reported, raising renewed concerns about violations of an arms embargo on Libya. The LÉ Aisling, now named Al Karama, was decommissioned and stripped of its weaponry, as well as defensiveContinue Reading

New York (MEE) – Sudan’s first civilian prime minister in three decades has been using a trip to New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly summit as an opportunity to launch a charm offensive and tie up international deals. Speaking at the UN, Abdalla Hamdok praised the “new Sudan” that has emerged fromContinue Reading

sudan troops in yemen

Khartoum (OPINION) – Since launching its military campaign against Yemen in March of 2015, the Saudi-led coalition has exploited Sudanese troops as cannon fodder on the front lines. The time is long past for Sudan to withdraw its troops from Yemen and help accelerate an end to the devastating war.Continue Reading

russia africa summit

Moscow (PA) – President Vladimir Putin hosted the first-ever Russia-Africa summit Wednesday and Thursday in the latest display of Moscow’s efforts to restore its geopolitical foothold on the continent after the fall of the Soviet Union. Amid a deluge of memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements, Russia clinched a seriesContinue Reading