Mexico City (TSN) – According to the Ministry of Defense of Mexico, 70 percent of the illegal weapons that enter Mexico come from the United States. The Secretary of National Defense of Mexico, Luis Sandoval, reported on Wednesday that the 19,317 firearms that have been seized inside 26 states of theContinue Reading

Doha (GPA) – Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s recent visit to Qatar highlights the ongoing fight for Middle East influence and the West is stuck right in the middle. With the world’s eyes on Turkey following Operation Peace Spring by the Turkish Armed Forces in Northern Syria, Ankara is facing aContinue Reading

Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen’s military media has released video from two defensive operations this weekend. Using new domestically produced air defense equipment, Yemeni forces successfully shot down an Apache helicopter and unmanned reconnaissance drone. Both aircraft belonged to the US-backed Saudi-led coalition. • Yemeni forces used surface-to-air missiles to shootContinue Reading

protests in Iran

Tehran (TT) – As it was obvious from the beginning, a complex scenario designed long ago to create unrest and insecurity in Iran, began by exploiting legitimate protests in Iran. The first phase of the scenario, which unfortunately caused a lot of damages, was aborted by people’s vigilance and intelligence.Continue Reading

Al-Quds (OT) – The plan to make the Arab Nation States disappear. The peoples, the ancestral Arab cultural diversity, the history and identity, and Arab sovereignty are threatened, the case of Iraq is abominable, and all this passes through the sacred mantle of democracy, freedom and human rights. We areContinue Reading

New York (MEE) – Sudan’s first civilian prime minister in three decades has been using a trip to New York for the annual United Nations General Assembly summit as an opportunity to launch a charm offensive and tie up international deals. Speaking at the UN, Abdalla Hamdok praised the “new Sudan” that has emerged fromContinue Reading

La Paz (TSN) – The Bolivian Congress Saturday approved the law of “Exceptional and Transitory Regime for the holding of General Elections,” which calls for new general elections in the country. The sessions, both in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, were set up with a regulatory quorum and the debate focused on the electoral exerciseContinue Reading

Moscow (GPA) – Who would have thought that the ideas of the British Shiism would reach the former residence of the Golden Horde – one of the earliest Islamic centers in Northern Eurasia. We are talking about the presence of the Shirazists in Tyumen, and we could pay no attention to it,Continue Reading

Tehran (TT) – Rancorous satellite networks as well as a number of official and private accounts on social networks, especially Twitter, have embarked on waging a full-scale war of attrition against the Islamic Revolution’s media outlets. These propagandistic moves are being run by directors of notorious social networks against pro-Iran accounts andContinue Reading