Cairo (GPA) – A raid on a militant hideout backfired on Friday when Egyptian security forces in Giza found themselves on the wrong end of an ambush.

Militants killed 54 police in what appears to be a very coordinated attack. Evidence suggests the militants may have purposely fed intelligence to counterterrorism officers to lure Egyptian security forces into an ambush. The attackers also made-off with police equipment and weapons.

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But who are the “militants?” This answer is not exactly clear. The ambush reeks of Daesh (ISIS) activity and mirrors another devastating attack from 2015 when ISIS militants carried out coordinated suicide bombings in the Sinai killing over 50 police. It would make sense attributing the ambush to Daesh considering the recent increase in activity over the past few weeks. Last week, ISIS militants attacked at least seven security checkpoints throughout Egypt, particularly in the Sinai region. Rockets were later fired towards Israel.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry quickly released a much lower death toll for the attack likely due to avoid embarrassment or give the “militants” any credibility. Many are left wondering if Islamist militants were able to infiltrate law enforcement.

This event falls in line with increasing ISIS attacks and activity throughout Libya as the United States recently revamped air strikes against the group in North Africa. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi vowed to increase counterterrorism offenses in response to the attack which will likely translate into an even broader crackdown on all dissent.