(GPA) – In this episode of the Geopolitics Alert podcast hosts Randi and Jim discuss the growing role of The United States and their allies in combating the growing threats of terrorism in North and East Africa.

US and UN seek to lift arms embargo on Libya to supply government in fight against the Islamic State.


The United States is seeking to lift a trade embargo that was placed on Libya following the fall of the Qaddafi regime during the Arab Spring. Western nations are seeking to supply the UN backed coalition government with a variety of weapons to counter the growing threat from Jihadist groups (primarily the Islamic State) in Libya; which has become the primary destination for foreign fighters since IS has lost ground in Syria.

Tunisia receives ‘security supplies’ from US to help secure Libyan border.


The escalating threat from Islamic State militants has reached across the border into neighboring Tunisia and resulted in several terror attacks. Arguably the only success story of the Arab Spring; Tunisia has become an ally of Western powers. Tunisia is now a valuable ally in the war on IS in Libya and was given the security to supplies to aid them in locking down their now-militarized border and contain the jihadist threat.

Egypt receives military equipment despite reports of it’s use in silencing opposition to the government.

US Delivers Hundreds of Mine-Resistant Military Vehicles Free of Charge to Egypt


Libya’s other neighbor; Egypt continues to purchase (or receive free of charge) military equipment from the US despite this being a violation of the US’ own laws on supplying regimes that come to power through military coups. Following Egyptian President el-Sisi’s rise to power through a coup (that the US government refuses to call a coup) in 2013 the arms trade between the two nations has remained steady. Sisi continues to use these arms in the same way as former President Hosni Mubarak, who was deposed during the Arab Spring.

United States deploys special forces in Somalia to combat Al-Shabaab. 



The United States expanded an additional front in their global War on Terror by escalating operations in Somalia. The US deployed special operations units to combat the increasing threat from Al-Shabaab; which has already been a target of drone strikes for some time now. Some branches of Al-Shabaab have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State; a fact that helps the US justify their actions.