Caracas (GPA– Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survives assassination attempt claimed by a new “rebel” group known as the “National Movement of Soldiers in Shirts.”
maduro survives assassination attempt venezuela
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during the assassination attempt
Image: Sputnik

The attempt on the President’s life was made using multiple explosive-laden drones which crashed above Maduro during a speech on Saturday evening. The attempt came as Maduro was addressing members of the National Guard at the celebration of the service’s anniversary.

Maduro Survives Assassination Attempt

The attempt on Maduro’s life, which the President said he has “no doubt that…[Colombian President] Juan Manuel Santos is behind,” was caught on camera during the televised military ceremony. The moment of the explosions can be seen in videos of the event when Maduro and his wife Cilia Flores look up from the stage to where the first drone explodes.

Video: Ruptly

After the explosions, the camera cuts out momentarily but when the feed came back on the National Guard can be seen scrambling as Maduro’s security moved in with bulletproof shields. Maduro was unharmed but several members of the Venezuelan armed forces were injured.

Wounded Venezuelan officer Image: Xinhua

After his security got him to safety, Maduro appeared on television around 9 pm to discuss the assassination attempt. This was the address in which he brought up Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos saying, “all the investigations point to Bogota,” as well as the “Venezuelan far-right” as likely plotters behind the attack. This opposition, although they, “of course! Don’t live in Venezuela” as Maduro says, has now shown they will go to any lengths to try and topple the government, and this latest attack has just shown that they have “gone too far” in their subversion.

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These Venezuelan gusanos referred to by Maduro are the Venezuelans based primarily in Florida in the United States who Maduro also expressed suspicion are probably working with some American elements. Maduro expressed “hope that President Donald Trump is ready to fight these terrorist groups” working within the US, but as the Venezuelan President clearly knows, US agencies like the CIA are deeply embedded with his country’s “opposition.”

Video: teleSUR English

National Movement of Soldiers in Shirts claims attack

These connections to the US and their puppet regimes can’t be ruled out, but since most other attempts to oust Maduro by the opposition have failed, a new group has sprung up to do Washington’s dirty work. This new terrorist cell trying to overthrow Venezuela’s legal government calls themselves the “National Movement of Soldiers in Shirts.”

This new proxy announced themselves through a statement passed on to US-based “Venezuelan” opposition journalist Patricia Poleo who read the statement on her YouTube channel.

Video: YouTube – Factores De Poder

The group, which is apparently comprised of ex-soldiers as well as civilians stated they had attempted to assassinate Maduro because the government has failed in its mission to “achieve the greatest amount of happiness possible,” which makes “It contrary to military honor to keep in government those who not only have forgotten the Constitution but who have also made public office an obscene way to get rich.”

The timing of the group’s attack comes just days after another sharp drop in the Venezuelan Bolivar against the dollar as the Venezuelan economy continues to sink under a concentrated international economic assault. This apparently spurred the rebels into action, as they have claimed they can no longer “tolerate that the population is suffering from hunger, that the sick do not have medicine, that the currency has no value, or that the education system neither educates or teaches, only indoctrinating communism.”

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The mutinous soldiers ended their statement by addressing the “People of Venezuela,” to help “complete this emancipatory struggle.” The traitors then called on this imaginary support base to “take to the streets, without going back” in order to topple the Bolivarian Revolution.

Unfortunately for these cowards trying to kill Maduro, every time terrorist plots like this fail, they only reinforce the support of the Chavista base. Maduro assured these most loyal supporters of the Bolivarian struggle that he was fine and that following the attempt on his life, he is “more determined than ever to follow the path of the revolution.”

Maduro also made a promise to those like the “soldiers in shirts” who wish to subvert the gains made by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV):

“Justice! Maximum punishment! And there will be no forgiveness.”

As for possible foreign actors who may be trying to influence internal matters in Venezuela, these external enemies of the PSUV were addressed on Sunday afternoon by the Venezuelan Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez. Padrino Lopez, speaking in a press conference assured the people of Venezuela that the Ministry of Defense, “In the face of the criminal terrorist act,” that they “reject this cowardly action…and under no circumstances will we accept that national sovereignty is violated.”

Colombia’s government, for their part, called these accusations “absurd.”

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Padrino Lopez warned other groups looking to follow in the footsteps of these terrorists that the people would never join them and that the far-right should “understand that the path that Venezuelans have chosen is the path of peace, of democracy,” then comparing the tactics of these extremists to those of a petulant child.

The Minister of Defense went on to call out the counter-revolutionary elements across Latin America who have maintained control of large portions of the continent’s economy and are still attempting to crush the will of the people “200 years later.” He warned that the PSUV has “20 years of resisting the perversity, the moral degradation of factors of the Venezuelan far-right that continue taking the path of violence to dismember a democratic state,” and there is no reason to think they’ll stop now.