On 15 August, the Petroleum Facilitates Guard (PFG) commander, Major General Naji al-Maghrabi, reported that an operation had been launched in collaboration with the Libyan National Army’s 331 and 127 battalions to recover seven vehicles stolen by ISIS fighters during a raid on the Greater Man Made River (GMMR) Sarir Station, located between Kufra and Jalu, on 12 August.

Throughout the week ISIS Wilayat Barqah has released two eulogies for Egyptian Abu Muhammad al-Marsi and Abu Basir al-Ansari. Details of their deaths are not provided. This follows ISIS Wilayat Barqah released a eulogy on 13 August for Kenyan fighter Abu Mousa al-Keni.


On 19 August, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) issued a statement condemning the “violence, intimidation and obstruction to the work of Libya’s sovereign institutions by militiamen’’. UNSMIL indicated that militia groups acting under the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA) were amongst those attacking sovereign institutions and were stopping them from undertaking their operations appropriately. UNSMIL called upon the GNA to hold those groups accountable for their criminal actions.

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