Pyongyang (GPA) – The resurrection of Kim Yong-Chol shows why it is critical to question everything you hear about the DPRK in Western media.

Last weekend marked yet another media fabrication about a round of ‘purged’ government officials, including the general of the army Kim Yong-Chol, inside of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The only problem with this supposed news story is that it was yet another hoax.

While this might shock the most baby-brained, it probably comes as no surprise to most readers that the western media would lie about a country targeted for regime change. However, for those people who don’t know, often times when they’re confronted with the facts, their response is something along the lines of “who cares?”

Usually this apathy is justified by calling the government of a country like the DPRK – or Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria…you get it – a murderous bloodthirsty regime so even if one story was wrong it doesn’t matter. According to these types, we shouldn’t care when individual stories get exposed as fake news because they already know Country X is a vile dictatorship.

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There’s a problem with this logic though. The primary issue of these false stories is to illustrate that the media is constantly caught lying about news from an anti-imperialist country. If they do it once, what is to stop them from doing it again?

The lies about Korea are constant

So why is the fabricated story about Kim Yong-Chol so important? Well it’s simple, there is a pattern of semi-regular stories about “dead officials” in the DPRK in which this particular news item falls perfectly in line with to, in turn, help craft a larger narrative.

Without even getting into the stupid stories you hear about the DPRK – such as the claims that men simultaneously have to have their hair cut like Kim Jong Un and are also forbidden from having the leaders haircut – there have been multiple claims about purged or dead officials. These stories may not seem as ludicrous as the haircut bullshit but they truly are equally as stupid if you look into them.

Kim Yong-Chol is a good example of how western media usually doesn’t give a shit about their sources for stories on the DPRK. In a turn of events that’s anything but new, the story of Kim Yong-Chol being executed was taken from a garbage South Korean rag equivalent to something you’d buy at a supermarket or a link your idiot uncle would send you to prove Hillary Clinton has been arrested for treason.

Similar to Kim Yong-Chol, there is also the story of the time Kim Jong Un was accused of feeding his uncle and general of the army Jang Song-thaek to ”starving dogs.” Much like the Kim Yong-Chol story, as soon as the dog shit dog story started to circulate, the western media ran with it. Also like the Kim Yong-Chol, this story came from dubious sources inside of Asia, except this time it wasn’t even from a tabloid it was from some Chinese satire site.

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These types of stories are repeated about how everyone from Kim Yong-Chol to members of musical acts have been executed on the orders of Kim Jong Un only to reappear again a short time later. This has been the same method used for reporting on what is happening inside the DPRK for so long that even CBS warned readers to be “skeptical” (this time) of the claim the Kim Yong-Chol was dead.

Painting the big picture

So why does each individual story about Korea warrant a thorough debunking? Again, it’s simple, people who are allowed to add one lie on to a foundation of pre-existing lies will carry on believing the dumbest shit possible.

Once someone is capable of believing Kim Jong Un feeds his whole family to a horde of dogs because it’s from “reputable sources” in the west, they’re primed to accept anything. This is why these water heads carry on every day thinking, “well it doesn’t matter if that story isn’t true, this country locks up three generations of dissenters’ families” and other complete fabrications.

We’ve published multiple pieces on this site about the constant lies western media tells about things like Assad’s supposed chemical weapons in Syria, alleged attacks wrongfully blamed on Iran, supposed meddling by Russia, and the myth of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro somehow being “illegitimate.” That said, there seems to be some trouble with some people when it comes to the DPRK.

While some of our readers understand the media lies about these other countries, the closed-off nature of the DPRK (and some readers fear of a perceived “Stalinist” hellscape) seems to leave some people with a weak position to actually defend Pyongyang from imperialism. Some people are more than willing to believe these stories about the DPRK because they’ve literally never known any other narrative.

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Once someone has lived like this their whole life presenting them with pro-DPRK sources will never be enough because they’ll call it all “propaganda” as if the western media is doing something else. One of the few ways we have to combat something like this is to smash these new false stories the moment they appear. When the imperial media continues to try to build on their foundational lies about the DPRK, exposing the cracks every chance we get becomes an important first step in exposing the cracks.