Beirut (GPA) – The Lebanese Army spotted enemy Israeli military boats trespassing in Lebanese territorial waters across Ras al-Naqoura, Lebanon, according to a statement.

The first vessel, appearing Thursday afternoon, breaching around 900 feet into Lebanese naval territory,  was spotted for approximately two minutes before its prompt retreat. The sighting prompted a meeting between the Lebanese Army and UNIFIL on the implementation of resolution 1701 as well as issues related to land and naval borders between Lebanon and Occupied Palestine.


According to Al-Manar, a second ship appeared Friday between 3.00 and 5:10 pm. The unit opened fire and a flare bomb on Lebanese territorial waters before retreating around two minutes later.

According to the statement, the Lebanese Army and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon are investigating the details of the breach.

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The breach violates United Nations Resolution 1701, enacted August 11, 2006, ending the then 30-day war through ceasefire and cessation of Israeli military presence behind the Blue Line.

Two weeks ago, Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah commended the flight of an Israeli F-16 over Syria (which was shot down) as ushering in a “new military strategy” in its own response to the inevitable escalation undertaken by resistance forces like itself and in Palestine in light of Israeli aggression.

This is not the first breach of this nature. Israel repeatedly infringes upon Lebanon’s airspace, naval boundaries, and most recently, its proposed border wall, all acts of aggression which go unpunished.