Jenin, West Bank (GPA) – Israeli Occupying Forces killed Ahmed Jarrar Tuesday early morning in the village of al-Yamoun, west of Jenin, after a nearly one-month manhunt following a shooting that killed a settler in a nearby West Bank village on January 6.

Jarrar, 22, was the head of a resistance cell responsible for last month’s Nablus operation which killed Rabbi Raziel Shevah.

Shin Bet forces surrounded an abandoned 4-story building where Jarrar was stationed around 4 am, locating him via military intelligence. According to the Palestinian News Network, the unit building belonged to a person living abroad which was formerly used as an office for the Palestinian National Security Forces.

As Jarrar exited the building, Israeli forces immediately opened fire, killing him. Israeli media sources reported Jarrar was armed with an M-16 and bag of explosives; however, no reports indicated that he had drawn any weapon.


Continued siege

Since January 18, 2018, a number of West Bank villages near Jenin — including Wadi Burquin — were subject to Israeli military raids in a hunt for Ahmed Jarrar.  On that day, Israeli forces killed Jarrar’s cousin, Ahmed Isma’il Jarar, in a case of mistaken identity. The IOF also destroyed three homes belonging to the family.

On February 3, Israeli forces raided Wadi Burquin, imposed a curfew, and pushing residents out of their homes to use as military bases. The raid resulted in four Palestinians arrested, eight injured, and another cousin of Jarrar slain, Ahmad Samir Obeid, 19.

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Extrajudicial execution

The manhunt for Jarrar involved indiscriminate raids, wide-scale military sieges, as well as forces occupying rooftops and forcibly entering and removing residents from their houses.

Sound bombs and explosives set by IOF were also widespread, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. As young residents hurled empty bottles and stones at occupying forces, they were met with open fire.

The army used also ordered Ahmad Nasser Jarrar to surrender on loudspeakers heard throughout the village, additionally threatening to otherwise “demolish the village house by house.”

Both the PCHR and Electronic Intifada classify Israel’s response to the operation as instances of extrajudicial execution, as neither Jarrar nor others murdered in the Israeli raids were given a trial.

According to sources, the Israeli army was given ‘shoot-to-kill’ orders without any attempts first to detain or arrest the suspected.

Video: Israeli forces use illegal weapons in Gaza.


Video: West Bank resident expresses sentiment about the extrajudicial killing in Yamoun.



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