Beirut (GPA) – Israeli drones loomed at a low range overhead Beirut’s southern suburbs Thursday after briefly circulating locations in Naqoura and Lebanon’s south, according to local sources.

Witnesses and residents reported hearing a loud and droning buzzing noise that spanned the duration of the planes’ circulation of the southern regions adjacent to Baabda, colloquially called the “Dahiyeh” or “suburbs,” referring to the southern neighborhoods of Beirut.

According to a Lebanese Army statement, Israeli enemy airplanes circled various locations in Lebanon from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. The first planes, sighted Wednesday at around 1:30, was spotted flying over various locations in the South of Lebanon, starting at Naqoura and including Rmeich, Keserwan, Metn, Zahle, and Riyak.

On Thursday, the first plane for that day was spotted again at Naqoura, and then, around 9 am, made its way over the suburbs, staying until sunset.

Residents described a loud “buzzing” noise throughout the duration of the plane’s duration over the suburb (Dahyeh) area. Many took to Twitter to express their reaction to the proximity of the enemy planes in the residential airspace.

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Soon after, enemy planes were confronted with Syrian missile defenses that managed to down a number of the planes shooting towards the Damascus suburb.

The Israeli Occupying Force routinely violates Lebanese airspace with spy planes, drones, and aircraft, increasing their breaches amidst air warfare against Syria.

In 2008, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), then supplied by outdated US air-force weapons, were gifted new fighter jets from Russia.

The LAF had turned down the offer of the free MiG-29s.

In times of crisis, such as the 2006 war, US artillery was often slow to arrive and proved insufficient in defense from attacks against the IOF.

Since then, the US, leaving the LAF with sub-par air defense capability against ally Israel’s, has faced increasing competition from Russia as an increasing contender in arming Lebanon.

The spy drones come at a time when the Zionist entity and the IOF attempts to drum up fear and escalate confrontation between itself and Hezbollah.

Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hezbollah of storing precision-guided missiles underneath key civilian locations around the Beirut airport, presenting satellite maps of the sites at a United Nations General Assembly in late September.

A Lebanese-foreign minister escorted visit by a number of diplomats and ambassadors revealed no evidence of precision-guided missiles under the soccer field, a warehouse, or golf course.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil claimed in October that in the year 2018 alone, the Zionist entity breached Lebanese land, sea, and airspace over 1,417 times.

A July 2018, UN Security Council statement condemned the breaches as a violation of Resolution 1701, issued — but never enacted — in the aftermath of the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war calling for a cessation of warfare.