West Bank (GPA) – Israeli Occupying Forces raided Jenin — a Palestinian city in the West Bank — late on Wednesday, in a manhunt for 26-year-old Ahmad Nasser Jarrar. Israeli media reported Jarrar as the primary suspect in the recent Nablus retaliation. Instead, the search resulted in the death of Ahmad Ismail Jarrar, 31.

Jarrar was killed following civilian pushback against the forceful presence of Israeli Occupation Police in the village.

The Palestinian town of Sinjil, 21 km north of Ramallah faced siege early on Friday, with IOF also closing off entrances to the village.


Israeli Forces Besiege Palestinian Town in West Bank

A correspondent in Occupied Palestine with Al-Masirah reported that Zionist police forces besieged the town of Sinjil, with its national army forces being the first to do so. IOF soldiers also opened fire on a car driven by a Palestinian near the Atarot checkpoint on Friday.

The raids, taking place across the West Bank on Wednesday and Thursday, took 21 Palestinian detainees. The Palestinian Prisoners Society issued a statement to Maan News agency, a Palestinian News outlet, which seven of the detainees were from Ramallah.

Israeli security agency, the Shin Bet, said the raid in Jenin was in response to an operation in which a rabbi from the illegal Havat Gilad settlement just west of Nablus was shot dead in a drive-by shooting on January 9.

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Palestinian Authority forces also collaborated with IOF in tracking down perpetrators of the Nablus operation, according to Israeli media sources.

Last week, Israel approved more than 1,100 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank following approvals greenlit by Israel’s defense ministry committee meeting the previous Wednesday.

Settlement plans were underway prior to the January 10th approval, but according to sources, the recent events accelerated Zionist support for further expansion.


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