(GPA) West Bank – As the water shortage in Palestinian territory continues; new reports show the Palestinian people are getting less water than ever.

Israeli rationing of water is now essentially a summer tradition in Palestine but this year has been unprecedented. Currently, some territories in the West Bank are under such tight water rations that they have only been getting water “for one hour, twice a week.”

This only the latest of one of the worst summers for the Palestinians; who are forced to receive water from Israeli controlled sources. Some areas of the West Bank have gone through stretches of up to 40 days without receiving any water at all.

The Israeli water authority, Mekorot, claims that these shortages are not targeted at Palestinians and that it is just a consequence of having one of the hottest and driest summers on record. This would be more believable if the Israeli settlements in the area weren’t flush with extravagant gardens, public parks and swimming pools.

Representatives of the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) aren’t buying any of these excuses either. Deeb Abdelghasoul, head of the water resources department at the PWA was quoted saying that the “reason [for the shortages] is not natural, but man-made – meaning the Israeli occupation and Israeli control over water resources in the Palestinian territories.”
Regardless of your stance on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, this is a clear violation of human rights. It is unethical for one sector of the population in an area to live with plenty while another is near death. The fact that this system is based on nationality is what has made several activist groups liken the situation to apartheid. The abuses of the Palestinian civilians amount to international crimes and must be brought to a stop.


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