Tehran (GPA) – Over the past few months, the Israeli regime has escalated its attacks against resistance groups in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon — but why?

The Israeli strikes in Iraq not only violated Iraq’s sovereignty, but they were the first Israeli attacks on Iraqi soil in decades. These attacks from Tel Aviv against PMU forces were too aggressive even for the United States. In fact, Washington even released a statement distancing itself from the Israeli aggression.

Shortly after Israeli planes attacked Iraqi PMU forces, Tel Aviv launched yet another attack on Syrian soil. Finally, the Israeli regime went so far as to escalate tensions against Lebanon by sending two drones over densely populated suburbs in Beirut and attacking Lebanese forces along the border.

Geopolitics Alert editors Randi Nord and James Carey appeared on The Fact with host Ali Ebrahimnia and fellow political analyst Riaz Kerim to discuss what’s behind Israel’s recent attacks and what’s next. Watch the full episode below and subscribe for additional content.

Featured photo: Flickr | Israel Defense Forces