Gaza (AHT) – “Defense” Minister of the Israeli regime, Avigdor Lieberman, has just announced that Israel’s policy of targeting and executing Palestinian protesters will not change.

Last Friday (30th March), one hundred Israeli snipers were ordered by the military, to set up camp along the Gaza border, awaiting the emergence of what became 30,000+ peaceful protestors. As the peaceful demonstrations began, the Israeli snipers opened fire. Eighteen are currently confirmed dead, as a result of their Israeli inflicted gunshot/artillery-strike wounds. According to the ‘Palestinian Red Crescent’, just short of 800 peaceful demonstrators were shot with Israeli live ammunition, roughly 500 of which are now amputees, as a result of the Israeli ‘kneecapping’ policy.

Around 2000 protesters have since been injured (including Fridays statistics), as a result of the Israeli sniper, gas attacks, and artillery fire. There has also been a documented usage of newly designed – also internationally banned (illegal) – explosive bullets. Below are photographs of bullet wounds and bullet fragments, from Friday.

It was also revealed that the Israeli military claim to have had full knowledge of “where every bullet landed”, this, of course, would imply that the state ordered the horrific crimes against humanity, or was at the very least okay with it.

The tweet above was actually deleted by the official “IDFSpokesperson” page, shortly after the backlash that it received on social media. It could be interpreted from their removal of the statement, that it wasn’t a good idea to admit shooting – what they lie about, but also understand to be – unarmed, peaceful Palestinian demonstrators.

The United Nations called upon Israel to launch an independent investigation into the killings of 18 unarmed Palestinians and the mass shootings of others. The United Nations security council, then had the US administration use its power of veto, enabling Israel to get away without being held accountable.

Despite the cover from the US Trump Administration, Israeli “Defense” Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, felt compelled to come forth and state “we have established clear ground rules and do not intend to change them,” also saying that “anyone who approaches the border is putting their life in danger.” Lieberman shows that Israel can openly brag about Israel’s war crimes and it seems there is absolutely zero accountability.

So what of the Human Rights Organizations?

At this point, one may be asking the question ‘but what do human rights organizations have to say?’. Unfortunately, the Human Rights Organizations have acted in an even more shameful manner, than has the United Nations.

Both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, used weak wording and claims that “clashes” occurred. Apparently, the live videos, which showed almost every single angle of what was happening in Gaza this Friday, wasn’t enough to force international “human rights” organizations to tell the truth. What happened to those peaceful demonstrators, marching with flags on Gaza’s side of the border, was a WAR CRIME.

Unfortunately, these organizations would rather condemn countries like Syria, making huge claims, with the absence of any evidence whatsoever. It seems when it comes to Israel, Netanyahu eating a baby on live television, would be a two-sided clash.

Perhaps the strongest language used against the massacre of unarmed civilians, on Friday, was that Israel used “unlawful force.” After the retraction of the notorious ‘Goldstone report,’ it seems that the international “Human Rights organizations,” are nothing more than damage control for Israeli PR.

The injuries and deaths continue to multiply by the day, as Israeli war criminals shoot peaceful protesters like fish in a bucket. Unfortunately, this demonstration is not what many think it is; it is more a show of resilience, a desperation march than it is the liberation of Palestine and a “new turn in the resistance.”

Although this shows people in the West, that Israel is behaving as a war criminal, a mainstream audience is always robbed of the full story and are bombarded with an avalanche of lies, disinformation and the false notion that Israel is morally equivalent to the Palestinian protesters.

Many will claim that this needed to happen, that more Palestinians needed to die this way – peacefully – to show the world who is right and wrong. The problem is that Israel has such a large stranglehold on powerful world governments, many media organizations and also the Human Rights Organizations. If Israel is going to change, it will not do it by itself; it has to be forced into submission, either through means of violent resistance or sanctions.

Israel does not need Palestinians to behave violently to justify its actions; it has been lying for 70 years. As long as Israel’s actions go unpunished, they will continue.

Many claim that Palestinians must follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, have people suddenly forgotten what Mandela was imprisoned for? From the IRA to the Black Panthers Party, to the independence of Algeria from the French, the reasons the demands of these groups and of the people were heard, was because of their forceful measures. It is also a misconception that the Palestinian struggle is one, to be compared to the civil rights movement in the US, it is not, the Palestinian struggle is much greater and is a national liberation movement.

The media may paint a picture for you, that through a march there will come change, but this is simply untrue. Marches are part of the movement, but change comes when the oppressor is forced to do so. Economic and physical action against the state, are the only practical solutions.

It is not incumbent upon the Palestinian people, to lie down and die. It is not White Western activists who will end the Israeli occupation and Palestinians are not the eternal victim, fluffy bunny, for Leftists in the West to parade around like an animal in a zoo. The Palestinian people are a people in their struggle for liberation, for freedom, for independence.

This post originally ran on American Herald Tribune.


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