(GPA– After initial reports of Israel being responsible for the targeted assassination of a major Hezbollah leader; conflicting reports emerge of how Mustafa Badreddin actually met his end.


Initial reports over the weekend claim Israeli Air Force behind the assassination of Hezbollah commander. 


The first reports on the death of Mustafa Badreddine claimed that that Israel killed the Hezbollah commander in a targeted airstrike.

Hezbollah offers unclear explanation on how commander was killed.


Hezbollah has yet to reveal who was responsible yet the rumors consider to circulate.

Hezbollah claims Badreddine was killed by militant artillery strike.

Hezbollah claims Badreddine was killed by artillery strike carried out by anti-Assad Takfiri groups. Hezbollah brushed off the claims that Israel was responsible for the targeted strike against the groups commander. This narrative has left Hezbollah open to criticism for either being susceptible to Israeli attacks or being betrayed by the intelligence network they’re buiding on the ground in Syria.