On 24 July, ISIS fighters raided a police station in al-Uqaylah, west of Brega, destroying at least two vehicles with unconfirmed reports suggesting that multiple officers were killed and at least one was beheaded. Clashes also occurred at a Libyan National Army (LNA) checkpoint 20km south of the town following the incident. Additional unconfirmed reports suggest that ISIS militants had actually captured al-Uqaylah for several hours. ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the incident.


On 18 July, Italian embassy and security officials accompanied the head of the maritime sector branch within the Government of National Accord’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) for an official visit to Tripoli port to review vessel maintenance needs for coastguard boats. They also discussed plans to establish a joint Libyan-Italian maritime operations center in Tripoli port as well as a vessel maintenance center.

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