(GPA) Due to pressure from a looming strike and political parties such as Sinn Féin, Irish President Michael D. Higgins plans to uphold a decision from 2011 by refusing a pay raise and donating a quarter of his salary to the public sector. Higgins also reportedly donates his Oireachtas pension to the state. Senators and TDs are pressured to take similar salary cuts in order to restore public services and wages for public sector employees.

Since 2011 Higgins has donated €76,493 and received about €249,014 each year. He plans to continue this for the rest of his term and the legislation will roll over to the next president to take office.

Government Ministers in Ireland are also refusing their €3,900 raises for at least the following two years. These officials will receive a salary of about €157,540. TDs will still receive a €2,700 raise each year through 2018, bringing their salary up to €92,658.

Teachers and police in Ireland are on the brink of a major strike. The strike could ultimately end up including the 250,000 workers who signed on to the Lansdowne Road agreement last year which was supposed to restore their pay by 2018. Sectors include teachers, police, defense, doctors, and prison officers.