Tehran, Iran (GPA) – In a response to blatant US aggression, Iran has imposed sanctions on 15 US companies for supporting Zionism, sponsoring terrorism, and violating basic human rights internationally.

US-Sanctions Against Iran

Just days ago, the United States announced new sanctions on 11 companies and individuals from China, the UAE, and North Korea. US-imposed sanctions against Iran are nothing new: dating back to the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Typically US sanctions focus on companies or individuals providing support for Iran’s nuclear program. But this new round from the Trump administration expands sanctions to include support for Iran’s ballistic missile program. This is a clear act of aggression on Washington’s behalf.

But Iran has fired back by imposing sanctions against 15 US companies for their role in international human rights violations including supporting Israeli-led violence against the Palestinians and general terrorism in the middle east. Iran insists on their right to defend themselves by continuing with their ballistic program.

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US-Sponsored Human Rights Violations in Yemen

This week marked the two-year anniversary of Saudi-led aggression against Yemen. And the United States has remained complicit and supportive in whatever human rights atrocities the Saudi coalition carries out.

The Trump administration recently resumed weapons shipments to Saudi Arabia that were previously frozen under Obama. However, Obama’s small gesture towards the end of his term was barely a drop in the bucket. Especially when one takes the previous two years of US-sponsored violence into consideration.

Iran called on the international community this week to end the war in Yemen once and for all. Stating that the war is not only devastating for civilians, but for regional stability and security as well.

“The vacuum of power in the country due to military confrontation has created grounds for growth of terrorism and increase in the number of their activities in various parts of the country and this will threaten peace, stability and security of the region and the international community,” a statement released Sunday said.

Indeed, ending the Saudi-led aggression would give the Yemeni people and their army the ability to tackle domestic terrorism; like al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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US-Sponsored Violence Against Palestinians

Most of the 15 companies Iran has sanctioned provide technical or logistic support to Israel for the specific purpose of oppressing Palestinians. Here’s the full list: BENI Tal, United Technologies Produces, RAYTHEON, ITT Corporation, Re/Max Real Estate, Oshkosh Corporation, Magnum Research Inc., Kahr Arms, M7 Aerospace, Lewis Machine and Tool Company, Daniel Defense, Bushmaster Firearms International, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, H-S Precision Inc..

These companies are either responsible for providing military assistance or support for constructing settlements in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory. Just prior to Trump taking office, the UN determined Israel’s settlement activity to be illegal. Not only has Trump derailed the little progress in that respect, but he has clear intentions of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Which experts warn could spark a third Intfada. 

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US-Sponsored Terrorism Globally

Indeed, the United States– specifically the Pentagon and the CIA– is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism in all forms. The CIA has a history of sponsoring far-right extremist oppositions and coups throughout Latin America going back several decades.

The Pentagon has spent the last 6 years supporting terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere. Essentially the Arab Spring to capitalize on control using violence and terrorism. Now the Trump administration wants to turn that aggression towards Iran, North Korea, and China.

Maybe Iran and China should consider a new round of sanctions targeting companies that provide support to the CIA; like Amazon Web Services and media outlets that publish violent pro-imperialist propaganda. Just an idea.

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