Vienna (Tasnim) – Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency denounced the West’s “double-standards” in dealing with the Israeli regime’s nuclear activities, urging the UN nuclear watchdog to address the issue in a serious manner.

Addressing a seasonal meeting of the IAEA’s Board of Governors in Vienna on Thursday, Reza Najafi described the Tel Aviv regime’s atomic program as a source of serious concern for the Middle East nations and the international community.

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Highlighting the condemnation of Israeli nuclear weapons by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Najafi urged the Western countries to stop cooperation with Israel in transferring nuclear materials and equipment to the regime, and warned against the negative consequences of such measures for the regional security and for sustainability of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Najafi also denounced the Israeli regime for ignoring the international community’s calls and for pushing ahead with its military nuclear plans, which he said benefit from the West’s blind support and violate the whole international regulations brazenly.

Credit: Tasnim

The UN has repeatedly called on Israel to join the NPT, under which it would disarm and place its nuclear materials under international inspection. But all of them have gone unheeded.

A probe of Israeli warheads has been delayed by the United States for too long.

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According to March 2015 emails by former US secretary of state Colin Powell leaked in September, Israel has 200 nuclear weapons “targeted on Tehran.”

This post originally ran on Tasnim News Agency.