cholera epidemic

Sana’a (CFW) – Cholera is a familiar name for an ailment that is not well understood in modern western society. It was eradicated in many developed nations years ago, though cholera has recently made a comeback across the globe due to changing weather patterns, increased globalism, and other factors thatContinue Reading

(teleSUR) Gaza – In a statement released Tuesday, the World Bank said only 10 percent of Gazans have access to clean drinking water, calling the situation “alarming.” On Tuesday the World Bank condemned the water crisis in the Gaza Strip created by the illegal Israeli blockade, saying that only 10Continue Reading

(GPA) Flint, Michigan – The administration of Michigan governor Rick Snyder argued against federal delivery of bottled water saying it is “unnecessary.” With many people in Flint still without functioning water purification systems and lacking reasonable rations of bottled water, a state court is fighting a ruling by the federalContinue Reading